A Boar is a term for a male domestic swine suitable for breeding.

Boars are found in many parts of the world and are known for their strong, stocky bodies and distinctive tusks. Boars can have a significant impact on their environment, as they are known to dig up and damage crops, and can also spread diseases to domestic pigs.

In some areas, boars are considered pests and efforts are taken to control their populations. This can include measures such as hunting, fencing, and the use of repellents. In other areas, boars are valued for their role in the ecosystem and are protected from hunting or other forms of control.

The environmental impact of boars can be complex and depends on the specific ecosystem and the level of human activity in the area. In some cases, boars can help to maintain healthy ecosystems by dispersing seeds, controlling vegetation, and providing a food source for other animals. In other cases, their impact can be negative, especially when their populations become too large or when they come into conflict with human activities.

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