Glossary C

The Environmental Glossary. Letter C +++ Popular Articles: 'Concentration', 'Condition', 'Community'
A Cab Air Dam Front Bumper is a rounded bumper that improves airflow within the engine compartment as well as under-cab airflow.

A Cab Roof Deflector is a straight piece of plastic or fiberglass that extends from the top of the cab at an angle. It usually has open sides and may be retractable.

A Cab Roof Fairing is a roof fairing that extends partially over the cab of the truck with enclosed sides. It may not line up perfectly with the sides of the cab.

A Cab Side Fairing is Extends downward from the Base of the cab between the wheels of the Tractor, covering the open space and streamlining the Fuel tank(s). Most Cab Side Fairing

A Cab-Over-Engine Tractor is These tractors have the driver sitting over the engine.

Cadmium (Cd) is a Heavy metal that accumulates in the environment.

The Cairo Plan is the recommendations for stabilizing world population agreed upon at the U.N.

A Cake Manure is Surface Manure on top of litter, typically only a few inches deep.

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