Glossary C

Cadmium (Cd) is a Heavy metal that accumulates in the environment.


A Cancellation is Refers to Section 6 (b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) which authorizes Cancellation of a pesticide registration if unreasonable adverse effects to the environment and public health develop when a product is used according to widespread and commonly recognized practice, or if its labeling or other material required to be submitted does not comply with FIFRA provisions.

A Cap is a Layer of clay, or other impermeable material installed over the top of a closed landfill to prevent entry of rainwater and minimize leachate.

A Capacity Assurance Plan is a statewide plan which supports a state's ability to manage the Hazardous Waste generated within its boundaries over a twenty year period.

A Capillary Action is Movement of water through very small spaces due to molecular forces called capillary forces.

A Capillary Fringe is the porous material just above the water table which may hold water by capillarity (a property of surface tension that draws water upwards) in the smaller void spaces.

A Capture Efficiency is the fraction of organic vapors generated by a process that are directed to an Abatement or recovery

Deutsch: Kohlenstoff / Español: Carbono / Português: Carbono / Français: Carbone / Italiano: Carbonio

Carbon is a chemical element with the symbol C.

The standard atomic weight 12.011

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