Glossary C

The Environmental Glossary. Letter C +++ 'Cover', 'Confidence coefficient', 'Coal'
A Cab Air Dam Front Bumper is a rounded bumper that improves airflow within the engine compartment as well as under-cab airflow.
A Cab Roof Deflector is a straight piece of plastic or fiberglass that extends from the top of the cab at an angle. It usually has open sides and may be retractable.
A Cab Roof Fairing is a roof fairing that extends partially over the cab of the truck with enclosed sides. It may not line up perfectly with the sides of the cab.
A Cab Side Fairing is Extends downward from the Base of the cab between the wheels of the Tractor , covering the open space and streamlining the Fuel tank(s). Most Cab Side Fairing
A Cab-Over-Engine Tractor is These tractors have the driver sitting over the engine.

Cadmium (Cd) is a Heavy metal that accumulates in the environment.


The Cairo Plan is the recommendations for stabilizing world population agreed upon at the U.N.
A Cake Manure is Surface Manure on top of litter, typically only a few inches deep.