Glossary E

The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ 'Energy', 'Equivalent Method', 'EPA'
Ecological Effects Committee (See Science Advisory Board.)

ecological indicator (Deleted term 1993. See is condition

German: Wirtschaft
Economy is a System of production, distribution, and consumption of goods. The economy in Europe is one of the largest in the world

see also:
"Wirtschaft" findet sich im WZ2003 Code "75.13.0"
Bundesamt für Wirtschaft

Efficiency is with respect to solar cells, the percentage of light Energy that is converted to electricity by the cell. Depending on cell technology and production technique, this

An El Nino is a climatic phenomenon occurring irregularly, but generally every 3 to 5 years. El Ninos often first become evident during the Christmas season (El Nino means Christ child) in the surface oceans of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.

An Elevation (solar) is the sun's angle above the horizon.

ELF --->Epithelial lining fluid

Emission means for the purposes of reporting criteria air contaminants (CACs) to the NPRI, any discharge of a CAC to air.

Emissions are the release of a substance (usually a gas when referring to the subject of climate change) into the atmosphere. -->Emission

An Energy is the power to do work. Making new items from recycled ones takes less Energy than making products from brand new materials.

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