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The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ Popular Articles: 'Environmental Impact Assessment', 'Energy', 'Environment'
An Early Action is a Response Action that addresses the Release or possible Release of hazardous substances and can be resolved within a short period of time

Deutsch: Erde / Español: Tierra / Português: Terra / Français: Terre / Italiano: Terra /

In the context of the environment, "earth" can refer to the natural world, the planet we live on, and the resources it provides.

An Ecological Assessment is a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the status of a water resource system designed to detect DEGRADATION and if possible,

Ecological diversity is the variety of forests, deserts, grasslands, oceans, streams, lakes, and other biological communities interacting with one another and with their Nonliving environment.

Ecological efficiency is the percentage of Energy transferred from one trophic level to another in a Food chain or web.

An ecological health is a metaphor used to invoke ideas about the integrity, complexity, and autonomy of an ecosystem (Norton 1991).

ecological indicator (Deleted term 1993. See is condition

An Ecological Integrity is the condition of an unimpaired ecosystem as measured by combined chemical, physical (including physical habitat), and biological attributes.

ecological or Environmental indicators are measurable features of an ecosystem that singularly or in combination with other features provide managerially useful evidence of water resource or ecosystem quality, or reliable evidence of trends in quality.

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