Glossary O

The Environmental Glossary. Letter O +++ 'Ozone', 'Organism', 'Oversight'

The Objective is the element or statement that an individual or an organization wishes to accomplish and to which their efforts are directed.

An Objective Evidence is a documented statement of fact, other information, or a record, quantitative or qualitative, pertaining to the quality of an item or activity, based on observations, measurements, or tests which can be verified.

An Observation is an assessment that identifies a condition (either positive or negative); when used in observational studies, the measure and record variables of interest.

Off-frame data (thee preferred term is --->auxiliary data.)

- Office of Modeling, Monitoring Systems, and Quality Assurance:

An Office of Modeling, Monitoring Systems, and Quality Assurance (OMMSQA) is the office within EPA's Office of

Oil is a liquid fossil fuel, is formed from layers of buried plants and animals that have been subjected to geologic heat and pressure over a long period of time. The energy that the plants and animals originally obtained from the sun is stored in the Oil in the form of carbon.

Old growth forests are see ancient forests.

Onroad mobile sources are vehicles found on roads and highways (e.g., cars, trucks, buses).

An Open-circuit voltage is abbreviated Voc, refers to a PV device's voltage potential when it is providing no current.

Deutsch: Lebewesen / Español: Ser vivo / Português: Organismo  / Français: Organisme / Italiano: Organismo vivente 

An organism is any form of life and may be defined as a contiguous living system consisting of one or more cells , that is capable of reproduction, growth and development, self-regulation (or homeostasis) and responding to stimuli.

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