Glossary J

The Environmental Glossary. Letter J +++ 'Joule', 'Joule (J)', 'Judgmental Sampling'
The J-shaped curve has a shape similar to that of the letter J; can represent prolonged exponential growth. See exponential

A Joint implementation is agreements made between two or more nations under the auspices of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Deutsch: Joule / Español: Julio / Português: Joule / Français: Joule / Italiano: Joule 

The joule (symbol J) is, according to the International System of Units, a derived unit of energy , work, or amount of heat. It is named after the English physicist, James Prescott Joule.

A judgment sample is a type of nonrandom sample that is selected based on the personal views or opinions of the individual, usually an expert in the field, making the selection.

The Judgmental Sampling is the use of professional opinion and experience to select specimen collection locations.

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