Glossary A

The Environmental Glossary. Letter A +++ 'Action Levels', 'Atmosphere', 'Acute'

An Abatement describes the reducing the degree or intensity of, or eliminating, pollution.

The term abatement may also refer to any one of the following:

An abiotic is the Nonliving Characteristic of the environment; the physical and chemical components that relate to the state of ecological resources. The opposite is biotic.

An Absorption Barrier is any of the exchange sites of the body that permit uptake of various substances at different rates (e.g.

An accuracy is the degree to which a calculation, a measurement, or set of measurements agree with a true value or an accepted reference value. "accuracy includes a combination

An Acid is a Corrosive solution with a pH less than 7.

Further definition:
An Acid is a solution that has a pH value lower than 7

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"Acid" is in the HS Code "3204.12"
- -- Acid dyes, whether or not premetallised, and preparationsbased thereon; mordant dyes and preparations based thereon

"Acid" is in the UNSPSC Code "12164102"
Acid additives

see also:
"Acid" is in the HS Code "2924"
Carboxyamide-Function Compounds; Amide-Function Compounds Of Carbonic Acid

"Acid" is in the UNSPSC Code "12161704"
Acid buffers



An Acid Neutralizing Capacity is Measure of ability of a Base (e.g. water or soil) to resist changes in pH.

Acid rain is the result of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) reacting in the atmosphere with water and returning to earth as rain, fog, or snow. Broadly used to include both wet and dry deposition. The acid rain page provides a great deal of information about this issue.

An Acid Rinse is Part of the equipment cleaning process for stainless steel and rubber parts, removes fat, protein and minerals and also reduces bacteria.

(See Equipment Sanitization)

An Acid Solution is any water solution that has more hydrogen ions (H+) than hydroxide ions (OH-); any water solution with a pH less than 7.

See basic solution, neutral solution.

Acidic is the condition of water or soil that contains a sufficient amount of Acid substances to lower the pH below 7.0.

See Acid solution.