Glossary A

The Environmental Glossary. Letter A +++ 'Acid', 'Abatement', 'Action Levels'
An A-Scale Sound Level is a measurement of sound approximating the sensitivity of the human ear, used to note the intensity or annoyance level of sounds.
An Abandoned Well is a Well whose use has been permanently discontinued or which is in a state of such disrepair that it cannot be used for its intended purpose.

An Abatement describes the reducing the degree or intensity of, or eliminating, pollution.

The term abatement may also refer to any one of the following:

An abiotic is the Nonliving Characteristic of the environment; the physical and chemical components that relate to the state of ecological resources. The opposite is biotic.

An Absorbed Dose is In exposure assessment, the amount of a substance that penetrates an exposed organism 's Absorption barriers (e.g.
An Absorption is the uptake of water , other fluids, or dissolved chemicals by a cell or an Organism (as tree roots absorb dissolved nutrients in soil.)

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An Absorption Barrier is any of the exchange sites of the body that permit uptake of various substances at different rates (e.g.

An Absorption of radiation is the uptake of radiation by a solid body, liquid or gas. The absorbed Energy may be transferred or re-emitted. See radiation.
An Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) is the maximum number of errors, defects, or Contamination at which data are considered usable.

Acceptance Criteria
Specific limits placed on