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Standard operating procedure ■■■■■■
A Standard operating procedure is a written document which details an operation, analysis, or action . . . Read More
AHERA Designated Person (ADP) ■■■■■
An AHERA Designated Person (ADP) is a person designated by a Local Education Agency to ensure that the . . . Read More
Experimental Design ■■■■■
Experimental Design is the organized plan for a data collection activity. It details the specifics for . . . Read More
Execution at■■■■■
Execution in the context of quality management refers to the implementation of planned activities, processes, . . . Read More
Life-Saving at■■■■■
Life-Saving in the maritime context refers to the actions, equipment, and procedures used to prevent . . . Read More
Knowledge at■■■■■
Knowledge in the maritime context refers to the information, expertise, and understanding required for . . . Read More
Helicopter at■■■■■
Helicopter in the maritime context refers to a versatile aircraft used for various operations at sea, . . . Read More
Resolution at■■■■■
Deutsch: Auflösung / Español: Resolución / Português: Resolução / Français: Résolution / Italian: . . . Read More
Response Action ■■■■
A Response Action is an action taken by EPA or another Federal, state, or local agency to address the . . . Read More
Controlled thinking at■■■■
In the psychology context, controlled thinking refers to deliberate, effortful, and conscious mental . . . Read More