Glossary B

The Environmental Glossary. Letter B +++ 'Biological Integrity', 'Bioconcentration', 'Breakpoint Chlorination'
A Back Pressure is a pressure that can cause water to Backflow into the water supply when a user's waste water system is at a higher pressure than the public system.

A Backflow /Back Siphonage is a reverse flow condition created by a difference in water pressures that causes water to flow back into the distribution pipes of a drinking water supply

A Background Level is
1. The Concentration of a substance in an Environmental media (air, water, or soil) that occurs naturally or is not the result of human activities.
2. In

Backwashing is reversing the flow of water back through the filter media to remove entrapped solids.

A Backyard Composting is Diversion of organic food waste and yard trimmings from the municipal waste stream by Composting hem in one's yard through controlled Decomposition of organic

A BACT - Best Available Control Technology is an emission limitation based on the maximum degree of emission reduction (considering energy, environmental, and economic impacts) achievable through application of production processes and available methods, systems, and techniques.

A Bacteria is (Singular: bacterium) Microscopic living organisms that can aid in Pollution control by metabolizing organic Matter in sewage, oil spills or other pollutants. However,

A Bactericide is a Pesticide used to control or destroy bacteria, typically in the home, schools, or hospitals.

A Baffle is a flat board or plate, deflector, guide, or similar device constructed or placed in flowing water or slurry systems to cause more uniform flow velocities to absorb Energy

A Baffle Chamber in incinerator design is a chamber designed to promote the settling of fly Ash and coarse particulate matter by changing the direction and/or reducing the velocity of the gases produced by the combustion of the refuse or sludge.

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