Glossary B

The Environmental Glossary. Letter B +++ 'Biological Integrity', 'Soil', 'Blood Products'

A Bacteria is (Singular: bacterium) Microscopic living organisms that can aid in Pollution control by metabolizing organic Matter in sewage, oil spills or other pollutants. However,

A Baffle Chamber in incinerator design is a chamber designed to promote the settling of fly Ash and coarse particulate matter by changing the direction and/or reducing the velocity of the gases produced by the combustion of the refuse or sludge.

A Bailer is

1. A pipe with a valve at the lower end, used to remove slurry from the bottom or side of a Well as it is being drilled,

A Bedding is Material used to absorb moisture and provide cushion.

It is easily cleaned to provide a clean, dry surface and reduce the incidence of mastitis.

A Berlin Mandate is a ruling negotiated at the first Conference of the Parties (COP 1), which took place in March, 1995, concluding that the present commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are not adequate.

A Best available Control Measures (BACM) is a term used to refer to  the most effective measures (according to EPA guidance) for controlling small or dispersed particulates and other emissions

A Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of the amount of

A Biomass is all of the living material in a given area; often refers to vegetation.

(1) the amount of living matter in an area, including plants, large animals and insects;

(2) plant materials and animal waste used as fuel.

A Biosecurity for Poultry is a Poultry Facility Biosecuriy