Glossary H

The Environmental Glossary. Letter H +++ 'Heating Penalty', 'Heat', 'Heat Pipe'

A habitat is

A Habitat Encroachment is term used to describe the way natural habitats are destroyed as human development of new areas continues to grow and expand, or pollution damages the environment
Halocarbons are Chemicals consisting of carbon, sometimes hydrogen, and either chlorine, fluorine bromine or iodine.
Halons are Compounds, also known as bromofluorocarbons, that contain bromine, fluorine, and carbon.
A Hand Mating is an individual female that is ready to be bred is exposed to an individual Boar in a small Pen for a few minutes, under the supervision of the producer.
Hand Milking is the manual milking of an animal as opposed to the use of mechanical milking devices.
Handlers are Processors or dealers of milk who commonly purchase raw milk and sell pasteurized milk and milk products .
German: Wasserhärte
The hardness is the water-quality indication of the Concentration of Alkaline salts in water, mainly calcium and magnesium. If the water you use is "hard" then
A harpooning is a surface method of fishing that requires considerable effort in locating and chasing individual fish. Harpoons are hand-held or fired from a harpoon gun and aimed at