Glossary V

The Environmental Glossary. Letter V +++ 'Veal', 'Vegetation', 'Value'

German: Wert
A value is a Characteristic of the environment that is desired. In the past, the term "environmental value" was defined to mean Characteristic of the environment that

In the environmental context, 'vapor' refers to the gaseous form of a substance that is typically in a solid or liquid state at normal temperature and pressure. When substances undergo vaporization, they transform from a condensed phase (solid or liquid) to a gaseous phase.

A Veal is a Calf (usually male) that is raised on milk and is intended to be used for meat at a young age.

Deutsch: Vegetation / Español: Vegetación  / Português: Vegetação / Français: Vêgêtation / Italiano: Vegetazione
Vegetation is assemblages of plant species and the ground cover they provide. It is a general term, without specific reference to particular taxa, life forms, structure, spatial extent, or any other specific botanical or geographic characteristics

A 'vehicle' refers to any mode of transportation that is powered by an engine or motor and is used to carry people or goods. Vehicles have a significant impact on the environment, particularly in terms of energy consumption, emissions, and resource use.

A Vehicle Miles Traveled is a measure of the extent of motor vehicle operation; the total number of vehicle miles traveled by all vehicles within a specific geographic area over a given period of time.

In the environmental context, 'ventilation' refers to the process of exchanging indoor and outdoor air in a controlled manner to maintain air quality, regulate temperature and humidity, and promote a healthy and comfortable environment. Ventilation plays a crucial role in various settings, including buildings, vehicles, and industrial facilities.

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