Glossary I

The Environmental Glossary. Letter I +++ 'Industrial-medical revolution', 'Impact', 'Isotope'
An I-V curve is a current/voltage curve, which expresses the possible combinations of current and voltage output of a photovoltaic device.

The Implementation Phase is an onset of actions necessary to turn planned activities into actions started so that the project"s goals or deliverables can be achieved.

The term "impoundment" may refer to any one of the following:

The In a Million Cancer Risk is a risk level of 1 in a million implies a likelihood that up to one person, out of one million equally exposed people would contract cancer if exposed continuously (24 hours per day) to the specific Concentration over 70 years (an assumed lifetime).

An Independence is the lack of a causal relationship between things, regardless of their statistical correlation; freedom from bias and external influences that could affect objectivity.

An Independent Assessment is an evaluation performed by a qualified individual, group, or organization that is not part of the organization directly performing and accountable for the work being assessed.

An index is Mathematical aggregation of Indicators or metrics.

An Index period is the period of the year when measurement of an indicator yields meaningful information.

The Information Distribution is any release of documentation to the public.

The Information Integrity is the security of information, such as protection from unauthorized access or revision, to ensure that it is not compromised through corruption or falsification.