Glossary I

The Environmental Glossary. Letter I +++ 'Irrigation', 'International Labour Organization (ILO)', 'Immunoglobulin'
An I-V curve is a current/voltage curve, which expresses the possible combinations of current and voltage output of a photovoltaic device.

An IAQ BACKGROUNDER11 is a component of the IAQ Tools for Schools6 Kit that provides a general introduction to IAQ issues, as Well as IAQ program implementation information.

An IAQ CHECKLIST is a component of the IAQ Tools for Schools Kit6 containing information and suggested easy-to-do activities for school staff to improve or maintain good indoor air quality.

An IAQ COORDINATOR12 is an individual at the school and/or school district level who provides leadership and coordination of IAQ activities.

An IAQ MANAGEMENT PLAN is a component of the IAQ Tools for Schools Kit, specifically, a set of flexible and specific steps for preventing and resolving IAQ problems.

An IAQ TEAM is People who have a direct impact on IAQ in the schools (school staff, administrators, school board members, students and parents) and who implement the IAQ Action Packets.

An ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) is a land-based or mobile rocket-propelled missile capable of

An Ignitable is capable of bursting into flames easily

An Imagery is Visible representation of objects and/or phenomena as sensed or detected by cameras, infrared and multi-spectral scanners, radar, and photometers.

An Images Source is Midwest Plan Service
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