Glossary T

The Environmental Glossary. Letter T +++ 'Trailer Tail', 'Total quality management', 'Thin film cell'
German: Abraum
Tailings are rocks and other waste materials removed as impurities when minerals are mined and Mineral deposits are processed. These materials are usually dumped on
Taxa (singular = taxon) are a grouping of organisms given a formal taxonomic name such as species, genus, family, etc.
A taxon (plural taxa) is a level of classification within a scientific system that categorizes living organisms based on their physical characteristics.
A Thin film cell is a PV cell formed by depositing thin layers of conductive and semiconductive materials, usually using a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. Also referred to as

A total quality management (TQM) is a system that is implemented in every aspect of an organization with the focus of providing quality; 

A Trachea is commonly known as the windpipe, a cartilaginous air tube extending from the larynx (voice box) into the thorax (chest) where it divides into left and right branches.
The tractor is the driver compartment and engine of the truck. It has two or three axles.

A Trailer Tail is an addition to the rear of the trailer that is used to reduce aerodynamic drag. There are several different types, but a standard tail is usually an addition to the
A Treatment Technique is a specific treatment method required by EPA to be used to control the level of a Contaminant in drinking water. In specific cases where EPA has determined it
- Tropospheric ozone (O3) : German: Troposphäre
The troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere and contains about 95 percent of the mass of air in the Earth's atmosphere.