Glossary D

The Environmental Glossary. Letter D +++ 'Disinfectant By-Product', 'Drilled', 'DRAIN TILE LOOP'

A Dairy Cow is a Bovine from which milk production is intended for human consumption, or is kept for raising replacement dairy heifers.

A DC Direct current is the type of Current provided by a battery or solar cell, which Flows in one direction.

Degradable refers to a substance that can be degraded, decomposed or otherwise broken down into a more simple chemical structure over time via chemical or biological means.

A Depth of discharge is a measure of how much energy has been withdrawn from a battery, expressed as a percentage of full capacity.

The Detection Level is the lowest "measurable” analyte Concentration by a specified method. By improving our technologies, we are also lowering the detection level for nearly all methods.

A Detection Limit is the lowest Concentration of a chemical that can reliably be distinguished from a zero concentration.

A Deviation is an abnormality or a departure from what is required or expected. In numerical data sets, the difference or distance of an individual observation or data value

Diagnostic indicator (Deleted term 1993. See is stressor

A Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) is a diesel oxidation Catalyst (DOC) is a device added to the exhaust system of a Tractor that reduces the amount of particulate Matter (PM) emitted.