Glossary P

The Environmental Glossary. Letter P +++ 'Parallel connection', 'Peak power', 'Process'
A p-n junction is the junction at the interface between two differently doped layers of semiconductor material, one layer doped with a positive-type dopant, the other layer with a negative-type dopant.

A Packaging is Wrappers or containers used to protect food or other Products from dirt, germs, and damage. Packaging often provides information about the product . Sometimes

Paddocks are Subdivision of a pasture designed to provide short-duration grazing followed by an appropriate (related to species, soil type and weather conditions) rest period for re-growth and stand maintenance.

Paint Sticks are Contain liquid or chalky paint used for marking treated cows.

A paleolimnology is the study of the Environmental history of inland waters, based primarily on analysis of biological, chemical, and physical characteristics of sediment cores.

Pallets are a reusable platform on which freight is loaded. Pallets are

A paper is thin sheet of material made of cellulose pulp, derived mainly from wood, but also from rags and certain grasses, and processed into flexible leaves or rolls. Used primarily for writing, printing, drawing, wrapping, and covering walls.

paper mills are mills (factories) that produce paper from wood pulp.

paper products are materials such as paper and cardboard, produced from trees.

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