Deutsch: Fruchtfolge / Español: Rotación de cultivos / Português: Rotação de culturas / Français: Rotation culturale -/ Italiano: Rotazione delle colture 

The term fallow may refer to any of the following:

  • a possible stage in crop rotation wherein land is deliberately not used for raising crops as part of a larger crop rotation plan, or as a method of conserving moisture (called summer fallow) in dryland farming. So the ground is ploughed but not seeded.
  • Fallow, a pale shade of brown, named after the color of sandy soil in fallow fields
  • fallow deer (dama dama), so named because of its pale brown color
  • Fallow, the 1997 folk-punk debut album of the Canadian band, The Weakerthans.


List of books: Fallow

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