A habitat is

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A Habitat is the specific environment in which an organism lives and on which it depends for food and shelter.

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A habitat is "The place where a population (e.g., human, animal, plant, microorganism) lives and its surroundings, both living and non-living" (EPA 1992, 14).

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A habitat is a place where the physical and biological elements of ecosystems provide a suitable environment including the food, cover, and space resources needed for plant and animal livelihood.

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A Habitat is the environment in which an animal lives.


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Habitat is the place or type of place where an organism or population of organisms lives. Compare ecological niche.

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"habitat" is in the NAICS Code "11251"
(Inofficial Code)
fish and other aquatic animals from their natural habitat are classified in Industry 11411, Fishing.

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