MDC stands for "More Developed Country." This term is often used to refer to countries that have high levels of economic development, social well-being, and industrialization. MDCs are typically characterized by high standards of living, advanced technological infrastructure, and well-established political systems.

Some common examples of MDCs include the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and most countries in Western Europe. These countries have high levels of economic growth and typically have high standards of living for their citizens, including access to education, healthcare, and other basic necessities.

The concept of MDCs is often contrasted with that of "Less Developed Countries" (LDCs), which are characterized by lower levels of economic development and social well-being. The classification of a country as an MDC or LDC is typically based on a range of factors, including gross domestic product (GDP), level of industrialization, human development index (HDI), and other economic and social indicators.

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