A precision is the degree to which replicate measurements of the same attribute agree or are exact.

"The degree to which a set of observations or measurements of the same property, usually obtained under similar conditions, conform to themselves; a data quality indicator" (QAMS 1993, 16). (See related: accuracy, bias.)

Other /More definition:
A Precision is a measure of mutual agreement among individual measurements of the same property, usually under prescribed and similar conditions. Most desirably expressed in terms of the standard deviation, but can be expressed in terms of the variance, pooled estimate of variance, range, relative percent difference, or other statistic.

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"Precision" is in the NAICS Code "332721"
(Precision Turned Product ManufacturingPrecision turned product manufacturing)

"Precision" is in the CPC Code "4823"
Precision balances; instruments for drawing, calculating, measuring length, etc.

Other /More definition:
A precision is a measure of how close repeated trials are to each other.

Other /More definition:
Precision is a A measure of mutual agreement between two or more individual measurements of the same property, obtained under similar conditions.

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