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Water is a liquid at normal temperatures but exists also solid (ice), and water vapor (cloud) in the air.

A water molecule has the formula H2O which means that two hydrogen (H) atoms and one oxygen (O) are connected.

The Earth's surface is covered with water for about 71%. It is necessary (vital) for nearly all forms of life on Earth.

The distribution of water is roughly

  • 96.5% in seas and oceans,
  • 1.7% in groundwater,
  • 1.7% in glaciers and the ice caps of Antarctica and Greenland
  • The rest is in the air as moisture, clouds and precipitation

From all this water, only 2.5% is freshwater and from this 98.8% of that water is in ice and groundwater.

0.3% of all freshwater (0.0075% of all water) is in rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere.

Freshwater is permanently moved by

Access to safe drinking ressources is essential for all (not only human) forms of life on Earth.

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