Deutsch: Luftschadstoffe / Español: Tóxicos del aire / Português: Tóxicos do ar / Français: Polluants de l'air / Italiano: Agenti inquinanti atmosferici /

Air Toxics are any Air Pollutant for which a national Ambient Air quality standard (NAAQS) does not exist (i.e. excluding ozone, carbon monoxide, PM-10, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide

) that may reasonably be anticipated to cause cancer; respiratory, cardiovascular, or developmental effects; reproductive dysfunctions, neurological disorders, heritable gene mutations, or other serious or irreversible chronic or acute health effects in humans.

Other definition:
An Air toxics is also known as toxic air pollutants or hazardous air pollutants are those pollutants known to or suspected of causing cancer or other serious health problems. Health concerns may be associated with both short and long term exposures to these pollutants. Many are known to have respiratory, neurological, immune or reproductive effects, particularly for more susceptible sensitive populations such as children.

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