Deutsch: Ursache / Español: Causa / Português: Causa / Français: Cause / Italiano: Causa /

A "cause" refers to the underlying reason or factor that leads to an environmental issue or problem.

Here are some examples:

  1. Climate change: The burning of fossil fuels is a cause of climate change because it releases greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.

  2. Deforestation: Clear-cutting of forests for agricultural or development purposes is a cause of deforestation, which can lead to loss of biodiversity and soil erosion.

  3. Ocean acidification: Increased carbon dioxide emissions from human activities is a cause of ocean acidification, which harms marine life and disrupts food webs.

  4. Air pollution: Industrial emissions and transportation are major causes of air pollution, which can lead to respiratory problems and contribute to climate change.

  5. Water pollution: Runoff from agriculture and industry is a cause of water pollution, which can harm aquatic ecosystems and make water unsafe for human consumption.

Similar concepts to "cause" in the environmental context might include:

  1. Contributing factor: A factor that contributes to an environmental problem but may not be the main cause.

  2. Trigger: An event or factor that sets off an environmental problem.

  3. Driver: A factor that is a major force behind an environmental issue or problem.

  4. Source: The origin of a pollutant or other environmental problem.

  5. Root cause: The fundamental reason or factor that underlies an environmental problem.

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