An Area and other sources: is Include sources that generally have smaller emissions on an individual basis than "major sources" and are often too small or ubiquitous in nature to be inventoried as individual sources. "Area sources" include facilities that have air toxics emissions below the major source threshold as defined in the air toxics sections of the Clean Air Act and thus emit less than 10 tons of a single toxic air pollutant or less than 25 tons of multiple toxic air pollutants in any one year. Area sources include smaller facilities, such as dry cleaners. "Other sources" include sources such as wildfires and prescribed burnings that may be more appropriately addressed by other programs rather than through regulations developed under certain air toxics provisions (section 112 or 129) in the Clean Air Act. For example, wildfires and prescribed burning are being addressed through the burning policy agreed to by the Interim Federal Wildland Policy.

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