English: Law on New Economic Regulations (NRE) / Deutsch: Gesetz über neue Wirtschaftsregelungen (NRE) / Español: Ley sobre Nuevas Regulaciones Económicas (NRE) / Português: Lei sobre Novas Regulações Econômicas (NRE) / Français: Loi sur les Nouvelles Régulations Économiques (NRE) / Italiano: Legge sulle Nuove Regolamentazioni Economiche (NRE) /

The Loi sur les Nouvelles Regulations Economiques (NRE) is France"s Corporate Governance Act, passed on May 15, 2001, the Act regulates financial reporting, competition and corporate activities.

Article 116 requires listed companies to publish an annual corporate social responsibility report on the environmental, social and societal impact of their operations. For example, businesses have to report their water and energy consumption, as well as the gender diversity of their workforce.

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