Deutsch: Risiko / Español: Riesgo / Português: Risco / Français: Risque / Italiano: Rischio /

A risk is "A measure of the probability that damage to life, health, property, and/or the environment will occur as a result of a given hazard" (EPA 1992, 25). In statistics, "the expected loss due to the use of a given decision procedure" (QAMS 1993, 20).
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A Risk is likelihood or probability of injury, disease, or death
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A risk is the probability of injury, disease, or death under specific circumstances. risk can be expressed as a value that ranges from zero (no injury or harm will occur) to one hundred percent (harm or injury will definitely occur). risk-based standards limit the risk that releasing a contaminant to the environment may pose rather than limiting the quantity that may be released.
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A Risk is the potential for harm to people exposed to chemicals. In order for there to be Risk, there must be hazard and there must be exposure.

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