German: Wert
A value is a Characteristic of the environment that is desired. In the past, the term "environmental value" was defined to mean Characteristic of the environment that

contributes to the quality of life provided to an area's inhabitants; for example, the ability of an area to provide desired functions such as food, clean water and air, aesthetic experience, recreation, and desired animal and plant species. Biodiversity, sustainability, and aesthetics are examples of environmental values (Suter 1990).

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"Wert" findet sich im NACE Code "DA"
Herstellung von Nahrungs- und Genussmitteln, Tabakverarbeitung
... auch Nebenerzeugnisse von mehr oder weniger hohem Wert (z. B.Häute aus der Schlachtung oder Ölkuchen ...

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"value" is in the HS Code "2009.12"
- -- Not frozen, of a Brix value not exceeding 20

"value" is in the UNSPSC Code "41113613"
Electrical value recorders

"value" is in the ISIC Code "15"
Manufacture of food products and beverages
... generates associated products of greater or lesser value (for example, hides from slaughtering, or o ...

"value" is in the NAICS Code "111"
Crop Production
... production subsector when crop production (i.e., value of crops for market) accounts for one-half or ...

"value" is in the CPC Code "71311"
Life insurance and individual pension services
... determined in advance or dependent on the market value of aspects supporting the plan; and, if relat ...

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A quantity's Magnitud.

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"Value" is in the UNSPSC Code "84141702"
Value added network VAN services

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