An Aeration Tank is a chamber used to inject air into water.

An aeration tank is a type of wastewater treatment device that is used to remove dissolved gases and contaminants from water. Aeration tanks work by introducing air into the water, which helps to break down organic matter and other contaminants through a process called aeration.

There are several types of aeration tanks, including mechanical aeration tanks and diffused aeration tanks. In a mechanical aeration tank, air is introduced into the water using mechanical means, such as a blower or compressor. In a diffused aeration tank, air is introduced into the water using a series of diffusers or tubes.

Aeration tanks are often used in conjunction with other wastewater treatment technologies, such as sedimentation tanks and biological filters. They are an important part of the wastewater treatment process, as they help to remove contaminants that can harm the environment or human health if they are not properly treated.

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