Deutsch: Veränderung / Español: Cambio / Português: Mudança / Français: Changement / Italiano: Cambiamento /

A change is as used in EMAP, the difference in the distribution of measurements of condition Indicators between two time periods. (See related: status, trends.)


Change in the environment refers to any alterations or modifications that occur in the natural surroundings of an ecosystem. These changes can be both natural, such as climate fluctuations, or human-induced, such as deforestation or pollution. Environmental change can have significant impacts on the biodiversity, ecosystem services, and overall health of the planet. It is essential to monitor and study these changes to develop effective strategies for conservation and sustainable development.

Application Areas

Treatment and Risks

  • Risks: Habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, pollution, climate change
  • Treatment: Conservation efforts, sustainable resource management, policy implementation


  • Deforestation leading to loss of habitat for wildlife
  • Global warming causing sea level rise and extreme weather events
  • Overfishing leading to depletion of fish stocks

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Change in the environment refers to alterations in natural surroundings that can have significant impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem health. Monitoring and understanding these changes are essential for conservation and sustainable development efforts.


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