Glossary I

The Environmental Glossary. Letter I +++ 'I-V curve', 'Inorganic', 'Impairment'
An International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is an international organization made up of national level
interpenetrating subsamples are If a sample is partitioned into subsamples, each of which closely reflects the structure of the full design, then the subsamples are said to mutually interpenetrate the frame.
An interquartile coefficient is the Ratio of the interquartile Range of a Metric to its scope for detection.
An Interstitium is a small area, space, or gap in the substance of an organ or tissue.
An Intramuscular is Injections given in the muscle.
An Inverter is a device which converts DC electricity to AC.
An Ion is an electrically charged atom in which the number of Electrons does not equal the number of protons.
An Ionization is the process whereby a neutral atom or molecule becomes negatively or positively charged by acquiring or losing an electron.
An Ionizing radiation is any type of radiation capable of producing ionization in materials it contacts; includes high-energy charged particles such as alpha and beta rays, and nonparticulate radiation such as gamma rays and X-rays.
An IPM is an integrated approach to controlling plant pests using careful monitoring of pests and weeds. It may include use of natural predators, chemical agents and crop rotations.