Glossary I

The Environmental Glossary. Letter I +++ 'I-V curve', 'Inorganic', 'Impairment'
Irreversibilities are Changes that, once set in motion, cannot be reversed, at least on human time scales.
An Irrigation is Supplying water to grass, trees, and other plants.
Irrigation districts are Special units of local government that control the Bulk of surface water supplies in the West (Smith and Vaughan, 1988).
Irrigation field practices are Techniques that keep water in the field, more efficiently distribute water across the field, or encourage the retention of soil moisture (Kromm and White, 1990).
Irrigation management strategies are Strategies to monitor soil and water conditions and collect information that helps in making decisions about scheduling application or improving the efficiency of the irrigation system (Kromm and White, 1990).
An Irrigation scheduling is Careful choice of Irrigation application rates and timing to help irrigators maintain yields with less water (Bosch and Ross, 1990).
An Irrigation system modification is an addition to or an alteration of an existing Irrigation system or the adoption of a new one (Kromm and White, 1990).
An irrigation water use is water application on lands to assist in the growing of crops and pastures or to maintain vegetative growth in recreational lands, such as parks and golf courses.
An Isolation diode is a diode which prevents one segment of a PV Array from interacting with another Array segment. Usually used to prevent Array Energy from flowing backwards through
German: isotop
An isotope is a nuclide of an Element having the same number of protons but a different number of neutrons.

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