Glossary M

The Environmental Glossary. Letter M +++ 'Measurement endpoint', 'Milking', 'Milk House'
A Method is a procedure, technique, or tool for performing a scientific activity.
The Method Detection Limit is the minimum concentration of an analyte that undergoes the entire measurement process and can be reported with a stated level of confidence that the analyte concentration is greater than zero.
A Methodology is a documented process or procedure for describing the philosophy of and procedures for performing a sequence of events, such as an analytical process, management of project activities, or the manner in which data are to be evaluated.
A methyl bromide is the gaseous compound CH3Br used primarily as an insect fumigant; found to be harmful to the stratospheric ozone layer which protects life on earth from excessive ultraviolet radiation.
A Methyl bromide (CH3Br) is an effective pesticide; used to fumigate soil and many agricultural products . Because it contains bromine, it depletes stratospheric ozone when released to
Methyl mercury is a highly toxic form of Mercury found in the environment; CH3-Hg.
A Metric is a calculated term or enumeration representing some aspect of biological assemblage, function, or other measurable aspect and is a Characteristic of the Biota that changes
A Metric Ton is Common international measurement for the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions. A Metric
A Metropolitan Area (MA) is the US Census defines a MA as a Core area containing a large population nucleus, together with adjacent communities that have a high degree of economic and
A Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is a geographic entity defined by the federal Office of management and Budget for use by federal statistical agencies, based on the concept of a core area with a large population nucleus, plus adjacent communities having a high degree of economic and social integration with that core.