Deutsch: Klimawandel / Español: Cambio Climático / Português: Mudança Climática / Français: Changement Climatique / Italiano: Cambiamenti Climatici /

A Climate Change (also referred to as 'global Climate change') is sometimes used to refer to all forms of climatic inconsistency.

But because the Earth's climate is never static, the term is properly used to imply a significant change from one climatic condition to another. In some cases, climate change has been used synonymously with global warming. Scientists, however, tend to use climate change in the wider sense to include both human-induced and natural changes in climate. (-->global warming.)

Other definition:
A climate change is a regional change in temperature and weather patterns. Current science indicates a discernible link between climate change over the last century and human activity, specifically the burning of fossil fuels.

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