Glossary E

The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ 'Entire', 'Environment', 'Estimate'
An Exposure assessment: is Identifying the ways in which chemicals may Reach individuals (e.g., by breathing); estimating how much of a chemical an individual is likely to be exposed
An Exposure time is the length of time a specific mail-in device must be in contact with radon or radon Decay Products to get an accurate radon measurement.
An extensive resource is a resource covering a large area that is not ecologically integrated and is not a collection of natural units, for example, large marshes or rangelands.
An Extra-Label Drug Use is an Antibiotic or other chemical used on the advice of a veterinarian in a dosage, route of administration, for a different disease or in some other manner not included on the approved printed package label.
An Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (E.I.T.I.) is an initiative designed to increase transparency

An Extramural Agreement is a legal arrangement between EPA and an organization outside EPA for items or services to be provided. This includes contracts, work assignments, delivery orders, task orders, cooperative agreements, research grants, state and local grants, and EPA-funded interagency agreements.

An exurbia is
(1) the area of suburbs;
(2) the region outside a city and its suburbs where wealthier families live.