Glossary F

The Environmental Glossary. Letter F +++ 'Fuel', 'Fauna', 'Frequency'

Field Measurements are those activities associated with performing analyses or measurements in the habitat being examined.

Filibuster is a tactic used to delay or stop a vote on a bill by making long floor speeches and debates.
A Filling is the process of depositing dirt and mud in marshy areas (wetlands) or in the water to create more land. Filling disturbs natural ecological cycles.

The Financial Assistance is the process by which funds are provided by one organization (usually government) to another organization for the purpose of performing work or furnishing services or items and which include grants, cooperative agreements, and government interagency agreements.

Finding is the assessment conclusion, either positive or negative, that identifies a condition having a significant effect on an item or activity and which is normally accompanied by specific examples of the observed condition.

A Finished Cattle is Fed cattle whose time in the Feedlot is completed and are now ready for slaughter.
A Finished Water is Water that has been treated and is ready to be delivered to customers. See Source Water.
A Finisher Pig is Production phase between the Nursery and market.
A Finishing charge is That part of the charging process which restores the final segment of a battery's charge, roughly between 90\% and 100\% SOC.