Glossary F

The Environmental Glossary. Letter F +++ 'Fuel', 'Fauna', 'Frequency'
A Fertilization is a term used to denote efforts to enhance plant growth by increased application of nitrogen-based Fertilizer or increased deposition of Nitrates in precipitation.
- Fertilization, Carbon Dioxide : A Fertilization, Carbon Dioxide is an expression (sometimes reduced to fertilization) used to denote increased plant growth due to a higher carbon dioxide concentration.
A Fertilizer is Substance that adds inorganic or organic plant nutrients to soil and improves its ability to grow crops, trees, or other vegetation.
Fertilizers are nitrogen- and phosphate-rich chemical compounds that are used to increase the productivity of croplands; Fertilizer production usually includes the use and Disposal of
A FEV is Forced expiratory volume
A FFDCA is Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act is the law which controls pesticide residues in food and feed, along with FIFRA.
A Fibrosis (fibrotic) is Of a condition marked by the presence of interstitial fibrous tissue, especially in the mammary gland resulting from mastitis.
A Field Campaign: is a field campaign, or field study, is an intensive monitoring effort in a small area that lasts for a few weeks or months. This on-the-ground research technique is

The Field Duplicate, Co-located is an independent specimen collected from the same point in time and space as the previous specimen.

A Field Duplicate, Subsample is a test specimen that is homogenized before being divided into two or more portions with the same laboratory analyzing all portions.