Glossary F

The Environmental Glossary. Letter F +++ 'Fuel', 'Fauna', 'Frequency'
A Finishing Operation is the operation purchases Feeder pigs from a Feeder Pig Operation and feeds them to market weight at 240 to 260 lbs.
A fiscal year is a financial term referring to any twelve-month period, usually to set a budget. The federal government's fiscal year begins October 1.
fisheries are an established area where fish species are cultivated and caught.
A fissile material is material fissionable by slow neutrons. The fission process and the fissile isotopes are the source of Energy in nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors.
A fission is the process whereby the nucleus of a particular heavy Element splits into (generally) two nuclei of lighter elements, with the Release of substantial amounts of energy.
A FIVC is Forced inspiratory vital capacity.
A Flake is Chopped up pieces of recycled plastic bottles. These tiny pieces are melted and formed into pellets, which are stretched into long fibers like thread and woven into fabric
A Flaring is the burning of waste gases through a flare stack or other device before releasing them to the air.
A Flat Barn is an area for milking cattle where the person milking is on the same level as the cow.
A Flat-plate array is a PV Array which does not use concentration.