Glossary F

The Environmental Glossary. Letter F +++ 'Fuel', 'Fauna', 'Frequency'
A Flatbed is a Flatbed, also called a haul brite, is a type of trailer on a truck that consists of a floor and no enclosure.
Flatbed Trailer Tarps are Trailer tarps properly drawn over irregularly shaped loads can improve airflow and decrease wind resistance, thereby improving Fuel economy.
floating plants are plants that grow free floating, rather than being attached to the stream bed.
- Flocculent: A flocculent (floc) is a mass of Particles that form into a clump as a result of a chemical reaction.
German: Ãœberflutung
A Flood is an overflow of water onto lands that are used or usable by man and not normally covered by water.
A flood plain is a strip of relatively flat and normally dry land alongside a stream, river, or lake that is covered by water during a flood.
A flood stage is the elevation at which overflow of the natural banks of a stream or body of water begins in the Reach or area in which the elevation is measured.
A flora is the total vegetation assemblage that inhabits an area.
A Florida Bay is bay at southern tip of Florida which is bounded by the Florida Keys.
A FLOW HOOD is Device that easily measures airflow quantity, typically up to 2,500 cfm.