Glossary I

The Environmental Glossary. Letter I +++ 'I-V curve', 'Inorganic', 'Impairment'
incinerators are Disposal systems that burn solid waste or other materials and reduce volume of waste. Air Pollution and toxic Ash are problems associated with incineration.
An inclusion probability is the Probability of including a specific sampling unit within a sample.
An Increasing block rate is Pricing that reduces water use by structuring water rates to increase per-unit charges as the amount used increases (Martin and Kulakowski, 1991).

An Independence is the lack of a causal relationship between things, regardless of their statistical correlation; freedom from bias and external influences that could affect objectivity.

An Independent Assessment is an evaluation performed by a qualified individual, group, or organization that is not part of the organization directly performing and accountable for the work being assessed.

An index is Mathematical aggregation of Indicators or metrics.

An Index of Biological Integrity is an integrative expression of the biological condition that is composed of multiple metrics.
- Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) : An Index of Biological Integrity (IBI) is an integrative expression of site condition across multiple metrics.

An Index period is the period of the year when measurement of an indicator yields meaningful information.

An index sample is a standardized judgment sample for which explicit rules for generating the Index measure are formally prescribed.