Glossary E

The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ 'Environment', 'Energy', 'Entire'

The Environmental Processes are any manufactured or natural events that produce discharges to, or that impact, the natural state.

The Environmental Programs is an all-inclusive term pertaining to any work or activities involving the natural ecological condition, including but not limited to: characterization of processes and conditions; monitoring; research and development; the design, construction, and operation of technologies; and laboratory operations on samples.

the Environmental Technology is an all-inclusive term used to describe pollution control devices and systems, waste treatment processes and storage facilities, and site remediation techniques and their components that may be utilized to remove pollutants or contaminants from or prevent them from entering the natural sphere.

Deutsch: Environmental Protection Agency / Español: Agencia de Protección Ambiental de los Estados Unidos / Português: Agência de Proteção Ambiental dos Estados Unidos / Français: Environmental Protection Agency / Italiano: Agenzia per la Protezione dell'Ambiente

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or USEPA) is one of the agencies of the U.S. federal government. 

An Equalizing charge is a controlled overcharge of a battery bank for the purpose of restoring equality of charge in all cells.

An Equivalent Method is any process or protocol, whether sampling or analytical, which can be demonstrated as an acceptable alternative to the reference or standard process or protocol.

An Error is a deviation from that which is correct, true, or right; a discrepancy of a computed, calculated, or measured value from the true or correct condition; a mistake made. See also random error.

The Estimate is a characteristic from the sample from which inferences on parameters can be made; a prediction of the likelihood of an event occurrence, a quantitative result, or cost.

An estuary is a bay or inlet, often at the mouth of a river, in which large quantities of freshwater and seawater mix together. These unique habitats are necessary Nursery grounds for