Glossary E

The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ 'Environment', 'Energy', 'Entire'

An Energy Balance is a detailed accounting of all energy flowing into and out of a volume or surface.

An energy conservation is using Energy efficiently or prudently; saving energy.

Energy efficiency are technologies and measures that reduce the amount of electricity and/or Fuel required to do the same work, such as powering homes, offices and industries.

Social engagement is related to participation in collective activities.

A method of measuring the social engagement is the quantifiable volume of activity. The picture below shows the common work of a community by pushing a stranded tractor back to their property. You can see on the left three hard pushing men, while on the right two who are not very much engaged in this common project.

Newtopia tractor pushing
Newtopia tractor pushing (screenshot from TV series



Environmental is a term derived from the animal's environment, bedding, housing, etc.


With the  Environmental Conditions we see a description of a physical medium (e.g., air, water, soil, or sediment) or biological system expressed in terms of its physical, chemical, radiological, or biological characteristics.

The Environmental Data are any measurements or information that describe natural processes, locations, or conditions; ecological or health effects and consequences; or the performance of technology dealing with natural process; and,

The Environmental Data Operation is a Work performed to obtain, use, or report information pertaining to natural surroundings and conditions.

Environmental Monitoring describes the process of measuring or collecting information on natural surroundings.