Glossary E

The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ 'Entire', 'Environment', 'Estimate'
embeddedness are the degree to which rocks in the streambed are surrounded by sediment.
An Emergency Response is a response action to situations that may cause immediate and serious harm to people or the environment
emergent plants are plants rooted underwater, but with their tops extending above the water.

Emission means for the purposes of reporting criteria air contaminants (CACs) to the NPRI, any discharge of a CAC to air.

An Emission density: is Represents tons per year within a given area on a per square mile basis. In this assessment, total county Emissions are divided by the total square mileage of
An Emission inventory is a list of air pollutants emitted into a community's, state's, nation's, or the Earth's atmosphere in amounts per some unit time (e.g. day or year) by type of

Emissions are the release of a substance (usually a gas when referring to the subject of climate change) into the atmosphere. -->Emission

An emissions cap is a limit on the amount of greenhouse gases that a company or country can legally emit.
An Emissions coefficient/factor is a unique value for scaling Emissions to activity data
An Emittance is
The Emittance of a material refers to its ability to Release absorbed heat. Scientists use a number between 0 and 1, or 0\% and 100\%, to express EmittanceRead more ... Add new comment