Glossary E

The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ 'Entire', 'Environment', 'Estimate'
electric vehicles are vehicles which use electricity (usually derived from batteries recharged from electrical outlets) as
An Electricity Supplier is as states restructure their electricity markets, an increasing number of customers will be able to choose from a range of energy suppliers who market different types of power products , including green power from renewable energy.
An Electron is an elementary constituent of an atom that orbits the nucleus and has a negative charge.
An Electron volt (eV) is One eV is equivalent to the Energy gained by an Electron in passing through a potential difference of one volt. One unit of Energy = 1.6 x 10-12 ergs = 1.6 x
An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a method of transmitting freight bills, payment information and invoicing between computers.
Electronic Feeders are Stations in which cows are fed specified amounts of feed by a computer that recognizes their unique electronic identification transponders.
Electrons are Tiny particle moving around outside the nucleus of an atom. Each Electron has one unit of negative charge (-) and almost no mass.
An Element is Chemicals such as hydrogen (H), iron (Fe), sodium (Na), carbon (C), nitrogen (N), or oxygen (O), whose distinctly different atoms serve as the basic building blocks of all matter.
An Elevation (solar) is the sun's angle above the horizon.

ELF --->Epithelial lining fluid