Glossary E

The Environmental Glossary. Letter E +++ 'Energy', 'Equivalent Method', 'EPA'

An Evaporation describes the part of the Hydrologic Cycle during which liquid water turns into water vapor.

The Evidentiary Records are Documents identified as part of litigation process and therefore subject to restricted access, custody, use, and disposal.

Experimental Design is the organized plan for a data collection activity. It details the specifics for conducting an experiment, such as which responses, factors, levels, blocks, treatments and tools are to be used.

exposure indicator (Deleted term 1993. See is stressor

An Extramural Agreement is a legal arrangement between EPA and an organization outside EPA for items or services to be provided. This includes contracts, work assignments, delivery orders, task orders, cooperative agreements, research grants, state and local grants, and EPA-funded interagency agreements.

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